The KP Pledge

When it comes to any issue, vote, or decision, Keith will listen to as many perspectives as he can to make an informed decision with the best interests of all of District 2 at heart.

In bringing a young, proud union-member, LGBTQ voice to the room, Keith’s focus is on bringing evidence-based solutions to the table.



Spending decisions made by past administrations have lead to many of the issues that residents are confronted with in our community today. As your voice on our council, we will invest in long-term solutions that solve the fundamental infrastructure issues our city faces.

Our investment in public transit must be made in concert with improving our existing infrastructure, in addition to listening to our community, hearing their feedback, and taking their concerns seriously.



Small businesses play a crucial role in our local economy - both in District Two and in Indianapolis. Support for our small businesses, partnered with their participation in improving our community, is imperative to moving our city forward.

We must have a budget that provides sufficient funding for the necessary programs in our city, allows flexibility for new and emergency projects, and fosters an environment for businesses to move to and grow in our communities.


Public Safety

Our world faces a set of obstacles that includes violence, crime, and substance abuse. We must have a system in place that focuses on rehabilitation and lowering recidivism rates, rather than making arrests and filling beds. With a return to community-based beat policing, we can strengthen the relationship between citizens and law-enforcement, rebuild the necessary trust to grow safer communities, and make every corner of Indianapolis a place for Hoosiers to live, learn, and be proud to call home.